writen by I. Zagorodnov, DESY and S.Tomin XFEL, 2015.

Module Contents


wake2impedance(s, w)

Fourier transform with exp(iwt)

impedance2wake(f, y)

Fourier transform with exp(-iwt)

imp_resistiveAC_SI(f, cond, a, tau, L)

resistive impedance of round pipe (in SI Units)

ResistiveZaZb(xb, bunch, a, conductivity, tau, Ind)

param xb

LossShape(bunch, wake)

loss, spread, peak

pipe_wake(z, current, tube_radius, tube_len, conductivity, tau, roughness, d_oxid)

param z

xfel_pipe_wake(s, current)

param s

smaller number (usually negative) is the head

ocelot.cpbd.reswake.wake2impedance(s, w)

Fourier transform with exp(iwt) s - Meter w - V/C f - Hz y - Om

ocelot.cpbd.reswake.impedance2wake(f, y)

Fourier transform with exp(-iwt) f - Hz y - Om s - Meter w - V/C

ocelot.cpbd.reswake.imp_resistiveAC_SI(f, cond, a, tau, L)

resistive impedance of round pipe (in SI Units) dimensions: f - Hertz

cond - in 1/Second a - pipe radius in m tau - the relaxation time in s L-inductive for dielectric layer

ocelot.cpbd.reswake.ResistiveZaZb(xb, bunch, a, conductivity, tau, Ind)
  • xb

  • bunch

  • a – tube radius

  • conductivity

  • tau

  • Ind


ocelot.cpbd.reswake.LossShape(bunch, wake)

loss, spread, peak dimensions:

wake - m , Volt/pC out - V/pC;

ocelot.cpbd.reswake.pipe_wake(z, current, tube_radius, tube_len, conductivity, tau, roughness, d_oxid)
  • z

  • current

  • tube_radius

  • tube_len

  • conductivity

  • tau

  • roughness

  • d_oxid


ocelot.cpbd.reswake.xfel_pipe_wake(s, current)
  • s – smaller number (usually negative) is the head

  • current


s, current, wake

ocelot.cpbd.reswake.tube_radius = 0.005