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show_flux(screen, show='Total', xlim=(0, 0), ylim=(0, 0), file_name=None, unit='mm', title=None, nfig=1, grid=True, xlog=False, ylog=False)

Function to plot radiation flux density 1D and 3D

D1(data, X, distance, xlabel, xlim, ylim, file_name, unit, status, xlog=False, ylog=False, title=None, nfig=1, grid=True)

D3(screen, Data, distance, file_name=None, unit='mm', title=None, nfig=1)

plot3D_data(data, x=None, y=None)

ocelot.gui.sr_plot.__author__ = Sergey Tomin
ocelot.gui.sr_plot.show_flux(screen, show='Total', xlim=0, 0, ylim=0, 0, file_name=None, unit='mm', title=None, nfig=1, grid=True, xlog=False, ylog=False)

Function to plot radiation flux density 1D and 3D

  • screen – Screen class

  • show – str, show polarization component, can be “Total”, “Sigma” or “Pi”

  • xlim – (0,0), xlimits, ignored if (0,0)

  • ylim – (0,0), ylimits, ignored if (0,0)

  • file_name – str, if None flux will be shown otherwise save to file

  • unit – str, units for spatial axis, can be “mm” or “mrad”,

  • title – figure title

  • nfig – figure number

  • grid – True, if False not show the grid

  • xlog – False, log scale for x-axis

  • ylog – False, log scale for y-axis


ocelot.gui.sr_plot.D1(data, X, distance, xlabel, xlim, ylim, file_name, unit, status, xlog=False, ylog=False, title=None, nfig=1, grid=True)
ocelot.gui.sr_plot.D3(screen, Data, distance, file_name=None, unit='mm', title=None, nfig=1)
ocelot.gui.sr_plot.plot3D_data(data, x=None, y=None)